Activated charcoal to whiten teeth, yes or no?

If thanks to the Internet we have become experts in something, it is undoubtedly in trying all kinds of things. We can test impossible diets, ways of dressing that would leave even Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with her mouth open and even polish a ball of aluminum foil. Well, surely you’re thinking about joining the latest fad that triumphs on social networks and that promises to leave the whitest teeth of the entire club in your town, but is that technique safe? Here is it is it good to whiten teeth with active charcoal?

Whiten teeth with activated charcoalActivated carbon

Comes the summer and we all want to look our best aspect, the darker skin smoother, and our whiter teeth, to make a perfect contrast to tan our skin. Therefore, for a few weeks, we have not stopped seeing in our social network show they try to convince us of the powers of active charcoal. You can also check actinera to find out more details.

How to whiten teeth with active charcoalActivated carbon

What we see on the screens of our devices connected to the Network is people in front of the camera cleaning their teeth with this coal and a conventional brush. “If you have activated!”, We all say, but no, once they spit out that activated mass and rinse their mouths a few times, we suddenly see a  completely white denture, capable of even dazzling us. And of course, we want it.

Is it good to whiten teeth with active charcoal?Activated carbon

If you were crazy looking for how and where to buy this item, we recommend you stop, and read first the instructions of the dentists against the new invention of the season, and that is not all that glitters gold and, although your denture shines, it will not mean that you have a better raw material

Suddenly you get to talk to a dentist, someone who really understands dental enamel, among other things, and you drop the myth, and you have to look for other alternatives to see your whitest teeth this summer, Yes, as is, and is that it is not necessary that the white of your teeth be the same as that of the clothes the clothes that your mother washes (we know that you never look so white), since an excess can damage the dental health, and that can bring quite negative consequences. The activated charcoal powder what it will do is finish with part of the pH of your mouth, what makes it totally balanced and everything works, even that the bacteria disappear.

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