How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal naturally: Incredible for health

whiten teeth with activated charcoal naturally

Charcoal is a remedy widely used in digestive problems and other health disorders. It is an interesting natural absorbent since it retains and attracts ions and other molecules on the surface of a body, fixing on its surface, bacteria, gases, toxins, and substances that are not beneficial to the body.

Health specialists advise that coal is consumed in cases where there is some food poisoning since it absorbs gases, chemicals, waste, proteins, and toxins from the body for detoxification.

Although it seems strange to you, activated charcoal is one of the elements that best helps whiten teeth naturally and in a short time. In turn, this element is also recommended for those who have gum problems. Keep readingĀ

Benefits of Charcoal

The charcoal is dark brown to black. It is composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. It is obtained from the carbonized shell of coconut and vegetable coals as wood that is carbonized dehydrates and activates. This carbon is in the form of tablets and powder.

With the passage of time, the teeth are losing their whiteness and this is due, among other things, to the consumption of foods that have compounds that are yellowing them like coffee, tea, wine and some spices such as cinnamon. What activated carbon does is absorb these components leaving them more activated.

Also, another benefit of activated carbon is to balance the pH of the mouth, which means that it helps prevent cavities because when the pH is acid, it is conducive to the growth of the bacteria that causes it. The activated charcoal we refer to is available in pharmacies and is in the form of powder or tablets.

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In addition to helping to whiten our teeth, activated carbon serves as a natural antidote that has several detoxifying properties. It is important to keep in mind that the coal we are talking about is not the same as the one used for the stove or for grilling, since it does not have the same properties, and its consumption can become toxic.

How to use Activated Charcoal

For the care of the teeth activated charcoal has different ways of use, which we recommend here is to immerse the toothbrush clean and wet in the powder of the charcoal, taking care that the powder does not fall on the sink since it can be a stain. Brush your teeth with small circles for about two minutes, spit carefully and rinse thoroughly.


Do not be afraid if you see your mouth completely black, this is temporary, after rinsing you will feel a sensation of softness and cleanliness.

The use of activated carbon allows you to obtain a target in your teeth naturally and in a short time. Remember that you can find it in loose powder or in capsules in natural store stores.

Incredible uses of coal for health:

  • Reduces gases.
  • Eliminates cramps.
  • Reduces bad breath.
  • Help in case of diarrhea.
  • Absorbs toxins, viruses or bacteria, chemicals, poisons. It is detoxifying.
  • For flatulence.
  • For colon problems and ulcers.
  • To disinfect wounds.
  • To treat insect bites.
  • Treat conjunctivitis in cataplasms.
  • Eliminates swellings.
  • Eliminates burning and belching.

Data on how to use charcoal:

For flatulence, diarrhea, ulcers, indigestion, colon problems or bad breath:

You should consume two tablespoons of powdered activated carbon and mix it with water, ingest it every 4 or 8 hours.

For skin problems, insect bites, disinfect wounds and conjunctivitis problems:

In poultice: Put a tablespoon of activated charcoal in a container, add drops of fresh water, form a consistent and pasty mixture, then put this paste in a gauze, wrap and apply it on the affected parts.

You can fix this poultice with a bandage, it should be at a warm temperature leaving it for half an hour or more. Then wash with plenty of water and dry. Do it up to three times a day.

To purify the body:

Take two tablespoons of charcoal diluted in half a glass of water for 15 days at each meal and then three tablespoons a day in the following month.

For children: They should take two teaspoons of diluted charcoal in half a glass of water for 15 days only.

To whiten teeth:

It works as an exfoliant absorbing the impurities that go staining the teeth and do not affect the tooth enamel, whiten the teeth, eliminates the stains of coffee, age, cigar, etc.

Dip a clean and moist toothbrush into the charcoal, then brush in small, soft circles for two minutes, then rinse. The mouth feels very clean. Do this as many times as you want. This is good since it balances the pH of the mouth.


Activated charcoal should not be taken often as it blocks the absorption of minerals to the body and can cause constipation. It also reduces its effectiveness if mixed with many foods.

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